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Embrace: 2 Day Transformational Event


Sweet Dreams Luxury Inn 32288 King Road | Abbotsford, BC
For women TIRED of feeling disconnected from themselves, who want to discover their real VALUE so they can finally move out of struggle and into living a more JOY filled LIFE.

Living in a state of disconnection can be at the ROOT of anxiety, depression, weight struggles, money struggles, relationship struggles and some health struggles, it can seep into every aspect of your life and cause pain, dysfunction and STUCKNESS.

When you are DONE with needing struggle and you are READY to experience the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom that happens in a state of CONNECTION then I would love for you to join me and some other really amazing women for our EMBRACE: 2 Day Event to learn HOW to HEAL the connection to your spirit, the essense of who you are.

This is a magical 2 day Transformational Event where you will be guided through a PROVEN step by step process to powerfully reconnect you to the CORE of who you are so you can FINALLY develop the solid foundation REQUIRED to heal and strengthen your body, mind and spirit so you can LIVE your F.I.T. LIFE ( a life that is Fully In Tune with who you are and who you WANT to be)!

**Taking place in Abbotsford, overnight stay is an OPTIONAL add on

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SAVE $72 with the EARLY BIRD registration, on until Feb 10!